A trip not to be lost in the valley Brembana to the insignia of the nature, of the sport of the rest... both in winter and in the summer, leavig the traffic and the frenzy of the modern life to the shoulders.You can ski or to walk free in an uncontaminated environment only listening to the noise of the silence.

The rich flora and the stupendous fauna, the marvelous little ponds and the brooks will leave You an unforgettable memory over whether to make to have a good time on the ski footsteps of the whole Bremboski district: Foppolo, Carona and San Simone.

The hotel, to quota 1360 meters, are situated in the ancient village “Sponda” where the old mulattiera ago from border between the Commune of Foppolo and Valleve from which alone far 3 kms.

The hotel and the restaurant are of ownership from the Family Mainetti Piero and Eliana that using themselves of their experience succeeds in offering, according to the tzpology of clientele, proposed different of stay reserved is to groups organized that to families: bed and breakfast, complete pension, half pension.