In year 700 spread the vogue of “water leisure”: since then San Pellegrino shines among most important thermal stations, for its proprieties and for the importance of its estimators , like Carducci and Queen Margareth. A thermal bath in the most famous waters of the world. QC Terme San Pellegrino: over 6,000 meters of well-being among restored frescoes, columns and modern interior design.

A unique experience just 25 minutes from the Hotel Restaurant La Sponda!

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Leisure time in BREMBOSKI AREA

Our BREMBOSKI ski resort is the perfect place for alternative sports in both the winter and the summer time; or you can also visit the new swimming pool in Foppolo, also offering a sauna, water massage, Turkish bath, and small natural waterfalls. You may go mountain hiking and mountain biking (bikes with all the necessary equipment are at the disposal of our hotel guests), or even mountain climbing with a guide, and you can chose from the wide offer trips, including original snowshoeing (i.e. ciaspole) trips in the winter or foot trips up the mountain footpaths in the summer.

Moreover, you can enjoy topical evenings at various facilities of our ski resort throughout the whole winter and summer season.

We are continuously modernizing the skiing facilities by adding new chair lifts and ski runs, from the easiest to the most challenging ski runs for skilled skiers. Three courses are available for those fond of downhill skiing, the longest course may be found in Branzi, the easiest one in Carona, and the most distinct course in Convento, in the part of Foppola offering evening skiing.

Well being center Foppolo

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Presenting the Brembana Valley

The Brembana Valley is a green oasis located to the north of Bergamo, it is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and the still virgin landscape abundant with numerous sights, rich history, and culture.

To its visitors, the Brembana Valley offers moments of leisure, tranquillity, sports activities, as well as one-of-a-kind and truly unforgettable delights any time of the year. Those who prefer trips or relaxing walks through the countryside may choose one of the many ponds, water reservoirs, and hospitable mountain cottages as their destination. In the untouched nature rich in fir forests, one may still encounter roebucks and other game, overseen by bevies of lean Alpine chamois from above. More than 200 caves have been explored in the valley, which are quite popular among the visitors and offer a wide choice to cave explorers and adventurers. After reaching Moio de’ Calvi and the crossroad leading to Roncobello, you will find yourselves in the Fonda Valley. At first, you will come to ancient Fondra, a remote and fortified settlement on the riverbank, and then to Trabuchello. You will then reach Branzi, a resort famous for its wide variety of cheese products, the most typical being the Branzi cheese, and for processing bluestone used for roofing.

You will walk through the small village of Carona with its silhouette reflecting in the lake. From this remarkable cove you will set out on unforgettable trips to the mountain lakes of Gemelli, Becco, Colombo, Fregabolgia, Diavolo, the Caser Pine Forest, and to the mountain cottages of Calvi and Gemelli, until finally reaching Valleve and Foppolo.

The tradition of the local warm and hospitable people date back to the ancient times and the locals will gladly treat you with rich dishes made of cheese, salami, game and polenta taragna. It is an ideal place guaranteeing relaxation and unforgettable moments during your stay.

Trench world war 1918

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You should not miss:

  • A visit to the medieval town of Cornello, the birthplace of the Tasso family, which had achieved such excellency in postal services that the Habsburg monarchy obtained a general authorization for them;
  • Oneta, a part of San Giovanni Bianco, where the original house of the Harlequin, the Bremban and other masks famous worldwide may be found;
  • The Venice Customs House in Averara and the Ca’ S. Marco House;
  • Dossena and its masterpieces; the local church houses a valuable picture gallery, comprising the works of Palma sr., Carlo Ceresa, Paolo Veronese, etc.;
  • The medieval cottage in Pagliari;
  • The mill and sieve in Valorta;
  • The San Pellegrino spa;
  • The Dordona defile with trenches;
  • The upper town with a thousand secrets.

The local churches to be seen include: Madonna del Perello in Rigosa, Madonna della Coltura in Lenna, Beata Vergine della Costa in San Gallo. In addition, you may visit Bergamo, the city of ancient art, the silhouette of which drawn by numerous towers, belfries, and dome stands out against the Alps in the background.

You will easily get there taking the Milan – Venice motorway, leaving it on the exit to Dalmine or Bergamo. Road 470 will lead you to the upper part of the Brembana Valley.